Buyers Information

"5 Simple Steps to Becoming A Smart Buyer"

1. Look at rent versus buy to decide if there are enough benefits to
YOU to buy. Look at your goals, timetables and desired lifestyle.

2. Select a professional real estate agent as myself to help you with
information, knowledge and a road map through the maze.

3. Have your agent do an in-depth "needs analysis" for you. By
specifically writing down your wants, needs, goals, timetable, etc., all
parties will be more focused.

4. Get financially pre-qualified and/or pre-approved. This will help
you save time, energy, effort and money in the home buying process.

5. Look at your marketplace objectively. View properties and analyze
data with an open, but critical mind. Your agent should be a big help
in keeping you on track.

"8 ways to Protect Yourself Against Unpleasant Surprises when Buying a Home."
1. A customized market analysis.
2. Appraisal Rider.
3. Review the Seller's Disclosure Form .... In detail.
4. Home Warranty/Protection Plan
5. Building Inspection.
6. Other inspections (ex. Radon, well, septic, sewar lateral, etc.)
7. Title Search and review of survey.
8. Keep yourself focused on your goals and timetable.
"Common Closing Costs for Buyers"
1. Down payment.
2. Loan Origination fee and points.
3. Appraisal fee.
4. Credit Report.
5. Flood Letter.
6. Private Mortgage Insurance premium.
7. Home Owners Insurance premium.
8. Mortgage Insurance escrow.
9. Home owners Insurance escrow.
10. Property taxes escrow.
11. Title Company Closing fees.
12. Recording fees.
13. Mortgage Title policy.
14. Owners's Title policy.
15. Mortgage Interest Adjustment.
16. Survey.
17. Termite inspection and building inspection fees.
18. Tax Servicing fee.
19. Lender Inspection fee.
20. Notary fee.
21. Courier fee